Munich ’72.
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  • _Introduction
  • _Munich Olympics Folklore
  • _Munich ’72: ‘HfG Ulm in Practice’
  • _Aicher’s Personnel
  • _Prelude to Dept. XI: The Garching-Hochbrück Studio
  • _From ‘Strahlenkranz’ to ‘StrahlenSpirale’: The Official Emblem
  • _Otl Aicher’s ‘Erscheinungsbild’ Concept
  • _The Dept. XI Team
  • _Gerhard Joksch’s ‘Body Alphabet’
  • _Rules of the Game: Guidelines and Standards for Visual Design
  • _Guidelines and Standards for Visual Design: Olympia-Waldi
  • _Olympic Souvenir
  • _Afterword (Otl Aicher’s 1975 ICOGRADA Congress lecture)
  • Playing the Game: Key Works by Project Leaders (1967–72):
  • _Alfred Kern’s Information Pictograms, Signage and Identification
  • _Rolf Müller’s Bulletins
  • _Vera Simmert’s Olympics Apparel
  • _Holger Franke’s Kiel
  • _Team Joksch’s Sports Posters
  • _Elena Winschermann’s Olympia-Waldi Mascot
  • _Eberhard Stauss’s Munich Cityscape
  • _Hans Roericht’s ‘Arbeitsgruppe Ausstattung’
  • _Ian Mclaren’s Cultural Posters, Official Guide and Daily Event Programmes

Playing the Game: Compendium of Main Works (1968–73)

  • Interviews
  • _Gerhard Joksch
  • _Elena Winschermann
  • _Ian McLaren
  • _Michael Burke
  • _Jürgen Hoffmann
  • Appendices
  • _Biographies, Roles and Associated Projects
  • _The Anatomy of the ‘Body Alphabet’ by Gerhard Joksch
  • _Munich’s Sports Pictograms: A Comparative Study